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Udaya Comedy Channel Programs and Telecast Time

Kannada Comedy Channels Program Timing – Udaya Comedy

It’s the 24 Hour Kannada Language Comedy Channel from Sun Network, Airing Comedy shows, Reality Programs, Films etc. Live Coverage of Udaya Comedy can be watch through Sun NXT Application. Nakkare Ade Swarga , Bosu Morning Dosu , Non Stop Nagu , Nagale Beku , Comedy Circuit , Call Center Kamali , Haasya Jabardast , Ondu Comedy Kathe , Extra Smiles , 60 Mins Full Smiles , Block Buster Midday Talkies , Sikkapatte Nakkubidi etc are some of the shows.

Udaya Comedy Channel

Time Program
00:00 A.M Nakkare Ade Swarga
07:00 A.M Bosu Morning Dosu
08:00 A.M Non Stop Nagu
08:30 A.M Nagale Beku
09:30 A.M Comedy Circuit
10:00 A.M Call Center Kamali
10:04 A.M Haasya Jabardast
10:30 A.M Ondu Comedy Kathe
11:00 A.M Extra Smiles
12:00 P.M 60 Mins Full Smiles
01:00 P.M BlockBuster Midday Talkies
02:00 P.M Sikkapatte Nakkubidi
03:00 P.M 60 Mins Full Smiles
04:00 P.M Extra Smiles
05:00 P.M Zadaak Gili Gili
05:30 P.M Extra Smiles
06:00 P.M Call Center Kamali
06:04 P.M Musanje Veleyali
07:00 P.M Call Center Kamali
07:04 P.M Nagale Beku
08:00 P.M Call Center Kamali
08:04 P.M Nodtha Iri Nagtha Iri
08:30 P.M Non Stop Nagu
09:00 P.M Call Center Kamali
09:04 P.M Comedy @ 9
10:00 P.M Call Center Kamali
10:04 P.M Haasya Jabardast
11:00 P.M Nakkare Ade Swarga
Udaya Comedy Channel Shows

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